New domain for 2PP!

Hey there followers!! Just letting everyone know we migrated to (yay!) so you can find our blog (eco-friendly goodness), project page, and other fun stuff like signing up for our newsletter and testimonies! See you there! 🙂


Test Post – 3d print shop

new 3d print shop designed by 2 point perspective!

2 Point is Turning 5!

2 Point is Turning 5!

Yesterday, the 2-Pointers gathered for lunch at Swim Cafe to celebrate 2 Point Perspective’s 5-year anniversary. We have been growing ever since our founding, and are now a team of 7. In recent years, we have worked on green projects across the board- from banks, offices, and medical facilities to restaurants, churches, and cupcake shops. And, of course, we’ve done plenty of eco-residential projects as well.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way. It’s been quite a journey!

Hello, Prius!

Hello, Prius!

With our new, dark gray Toyota Prius, we have finally entered into Hybrid territory, and the miles per gallon are pretty exciting on this side of the fence!  Ron is slightly obsessed with monitoring his driving… it is amazing how much fuel anyone can save by avoiding those ‘stomp-on-the-pedal’ take offs.

So- give us a shout (or honk) if you see us around town!

Thanks for all the awesome naming suggestions via our Facebook page… we’ll be announcing her name shortly!

Designing in the New Year

Here at 2 Point, we are passionate about the environment and good design.  While our blog has been heavy on green building, green living, and green events, we’ve been slacking on the design side!

Today, as I was flipping through a few tomes from our extensive design library, I came across these cute little train station shelters that are found all over Hanover, Germany.  They were designed by Despang Architekten.

I love how they use the same simple glass canopied design for each shelter, but make a big statement by changing just one material.  Isn’t it interesting how haphazard the natural stones seem in comparison to the large, uniform scale of the dark tiles.  Also, the vertical and horizontal wood shelters not only play up the directionality of the material, but how the planks are installed (Mind the gap!).

Materials are a key component of any architectural project.  Select your materials wisely, detail their installation carefully, and reap the rewards of a good design!

Okay- that’s the design-aerobics for today…

Which station is your favorite?  I think I would be happy waiting for the train at any of these!

Gobble Gobble!

So what does a turkey have to do the architecture?

Well, we’ve all heard of chicken coops, but did you know that there are also turkey coops?
Neither did we… that is until we used the reclaimed wood from a disassembled turkey coop for our GreenChoice Bank project.

When we designed the GreenChoice Bank headquarters (set to open when the Green Exchange which launches next summer), we designed an elegant wall of curving wood which acted as a backdrop for the space –  This is where the turkeys come in – When the GreenChoice branches in Lockport and Cicero were being designed, we utilized the same element to maintain a consistent look and used the reclaimed wood to complete the wall.


Check out the “before and afters” !

Solar Panels on the Brain!

We have solar panels on the brain! And, as we just made the down payment, will soon have solar panels on our roof! Everyone has been talking about solar panels lately so I was shocked to find out just how few people, even those in the green movement, actually have them.

With our home’s location on a Landmark street, we had to get approval, but with the low profile panels (installed horizontally), you can’t see a thing from the street!

Have you thought about solar panels? If not, you may rethink after you hear about the benefits and the payback time.  With a 30% federal tax incentive, a 30% DCEO state rebate, and often with manufacturers’ rebates to boot, the paybacks really can hit the 5-7 year period. After that, every kilowatt you produce is free energy! Plus, you get to feel good about the fact that you are using clean power instead of coal (cough, cough) or nuclear (toxic waste, anyone?).

So what about the worries that many people have? Here are a few honest answers.

-Will the incentives stick around? Probably for a while
-Will panels get more affordable? Yes, but the incentives may wane simultaneously.
-Do I have to be a multi-millionaire? No. Some installers even help with financing.
-Is panel quality going to improve? Possibly, but most panels now come with a warranty stating that in 25 years, they will still be operating at 80% efficiency. Not too shabby.

Solar panels do require a down payment, which is probably the primary reason that most people don’t move ahead. But if you do have a few bucks lying around, instead of investing back in the wildly unpredictable market, consider investing in our planet. As energy prices continue to rise (and they will), your investment will pay back quickly.

And, of course, don’t forget about the best feature of solar panels… bragging rights!

st feature of solar panels… bragging rights!